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Welcome to the home of take-it-to-the-street-poetry

The concept of our project is about offering words and art to those that have limited access to these gifts. Getting the words to those that are in confined environments, living on the edge, the homeless and lonely, etc. We share our art, print and  “drop” the volumes in random places around the world, in hopes the lucky ones to get them will enjoy the moments of reading and perhaps start a spark or rekindle their admiration for the arts.

Would you like to participate? Here’s how it works.

  • Submit a poem, short prose or artwork of your creation. Please include your name as you want it to appear in the booklet. Your submission will go into a booklet that will be available on a free download link.
  • Please use the Submission form for all contributions of words/art :

*  Our email address is: tittsp@gmail.com

  • Volumes are completed/distributed for the contributors to download, print and then distribute.
  • The mission…Leave a copy of the booklet in a random public place of your choosing or give it to someone directly. Either way, take a picture of the drop either where you leave it or in the hands of the person you give it to. Email us a picture of your “drop” which will be posted here.
  • As writers and artists, we have an obligation to share our gifts and enrich the lives of others.


    “words are not so important as to be vaulted away, nor are they worthless enough to throw away, so we give them away”-RD




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