Free Kindle Book- Anti-requiem: New Orleans stories

New Orleans resident Louis Maistros is not only a writer but a photographer as well. In his newly revised book, Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories (and Photography), Fiction & Nonfiction, 1994-2012,he has revised the previous version to now include more stories and photos.

Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories is a collection of fiction and non-fiction pieces reflecting the past 18 years of Louis’s life while living in New Orleans. The book starts with a story about his first days in New Orleans, people he meets and the bond that forms with this jewel of a city.

Excerpt from Chapter: Sense of Place

“Kaldi’s closed down long before the big storm.
We used to call Kaldi’s “the living room of the French Quarter.” It was a place where you could go to be alone in a crowd, find peace amidst chaos, seek and always find some kind of inspiration, where you could work through a bout of boiling rage or dream or write or sing out loud or wear pajamas without raising an eyebrow. It was our place.
Who are we?
We are the transients who came to town looking for a place to belong, a place that accepted misfits and rejects, no questions asked.”

If you have never been to New Orleans or have and want to revisit, then this is the book for you. The city’s heartbeat is palpable within each chapter and with accompanying photos he has offered the reader an insiders view.

Why is Louis offering this book for free?

“Two reasons. I want to encourage people who have not yet read my work to give it a try, and perhaps pick up a copy of “The Sound of Building Coffins.” And for those who are already familiar with my work, I want you to think of this free book as a most sincere thank you.”

Do yourself a favor, download the book and experience New Orleans in an honest, poignant journey through Louis Maistros world.

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