News from my desk

A bit of news to keep everyone up to date on the happenings of tittsp:

-Submissions are now closed for April’s volume of The Nexxuss. As always, we have received so many pieces of poetry/art that Volume 18 is growing into another great issue. I thank each contributor and all of the people who hustle to get the words & art to people on the street.

-May will be our one year anniversary. Hard to believe a small idea I had one night has grown into this wonderful, global organization of giving. I am truly honored to be going into year #2.
There will be a special volume of The Nexxuss in May featuring some of the works of the founding contributors.

-I have been asked by a fellow supporter to bring take-it-to-the-street-poetry to a Literary festival in Roanoke Island, North Carolina this summer. Now that is going to be one cool ride. I am humbled and very excited. Wherever I go with tittsp, you go as well. More information on that at a later date.

-Lastly, I am aware that not everyone has the advantage of printing facilities. We want you to share words & art with others so I have a form called “Request a Copy” on the website. Please give us your snail mail addy and after the publication of volumes, I will mail you (2) copies. If you request a certain volume, that can be handled as well.

Now I need to go proofread, edit and assemble our new volumes..