News and Such

When I started this “project” a few months back I had no idea it would grow into me needing a website. In order to have all the volumes, videos, submission form, etc. easily accessible, a site was most necessary. So here we are, the home of tittsp.

Between the contributors and recipients, the response has been so wonderful. I thank all of you for making what I do a true gift to the globe. And global we are now.

Submissions are open 24×7 as words never sleep, art never rests. So please feel free to submit, pass this link on to others.

Thank you for supporting what I believe to be a necessary thing,

“people getting words to people that don’t get words”

Lynne Hayes


This is why we do what we do:

“i enjoyed the couple days i spent wandering around the bit of the globe i am exposed to, dropping the carvings of the humans who participated. the breath and the steps i spent on this endeavor were investments in purity to me, not seeking to buy, not seeking to sell, only seeking to touch.

thank you Lynne for the real work.

there is no ‘them’-“

Cornelius Bent 

Recipients of our work